Nokia E72 is already on sale

Monday, November 16, 2009

The company Nokia has announced the launch today of its new Symbian smartphone with a built-candy-bar QWERTY-keyboard - Nokia E72, which, as claimed by the manufacturer, is the successor to the company's successful series of QWERTY-device, which includes model E71. This heir, adopting the best features from its ancestors, has become better in functional terms.

Interestingly, this start to sell more by the fact that Nokia held a number of countries, including in Russia, a study on using e-mail, which states:

  • Email is the dominant form of communication throughout Russia, with nearly half (45%) of respondents use it to communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues, ahead with the phone (38%), and text messages (8%)
  • 52% of Russians polled spend up to half an hour a day replying to letters, with the majority (76%) receive up to 20 letters a day. This, say the researchers, mean that average Russians are willing to spend on the answers to the letters of up to 7 days per year.
  • E-mail is currently the main method of communication, whether in private, that and working life.

The Nokia in connection with this study concludes that devices such as Nokia E72, to meet the needs in communication, particularly when working with e-mail or social networks.