Nokia + Palm - to be or not to be?

Monday, November 16, 2009

It is known that the case of Palm has long situation is not the best way. Despite the release last summer quite successful communicator Palm Pre, an American manufacturer of handsets continues to experience serious financial difficulties. Against this background, we again encountered rumors about alleged ongoing negotiations, the theme of which is the acquisition of Palm Finnish phone giant Nokia.

Recall that in late September this year, some analysts began talking about a possible acquisition of Nokia shares of its American rival. Although no official comments from interested companies, the value of Palm shares after the resumption of these rumors flew more than 8 percent, and trading volume on them at the morning session, the stock was approximately 15 times higher than normal rate.

Meanwhile, experts continue to put forward versions, why the world's largest manufacturer of phones would need such a deal. Perhaps, Nokia wants in such a way to get right to the mobile operating system WebOS and subsequently use it to enhance the competitiveness of their products. Indeed, despite the significant investments of Finnish companies in the Symbian software platform and Maemo, Nokia mobile devices are faced with ever-increasing competition from the iPhone and Android-smartphone set.