Packard Bell Viseo 200T Touch Edition and imedia XS - a compact solution with sensory functions

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Company Packard Bell introduced its new solution that combines the convenience of multimedia nettop Packard Bell imedia XS with the opportunities and sensory functions of the new monitors Packard Bell Viseo 200T Touch Edition. Compact and ultra-thin Nettop Packard Bell imedia XS can be hung from the back side of the monitor with the bracket Vesa. In turn, Packard Bell Viseo 200T Touch Edition is designed for all who need a simple and intuitive way to interact with a PC.

Equipped with Intel Atom processor and 330 chipset support NVIDIA ION, Packard Bell imedia XS supports Microsoft Direct X10. It is also equipped with 2 GB of memory, hard drive up to 500 GB Card Reader 4-in-1 "and the six-port USB. Port Wi-Fi LAN and provide connectivity. Complete solution includes a wireless keyboard and wireless optical mouse.

Packard Bell Viseo 200T Touch Edition are equipped with two integrated stereo speakers and include such advanced features as the display format 16:9, 5 ms response time and 50000:1 contrast levels. In addition to the built-in sensory functions of Windows 7, is a comprehensive solution provides users with additional convenience of Packard Bell TouchPortal, which provides convenient control Packard Bell TouchGadgets and sensory applications, Microsoft. This intuitive virtual desktop for playing multimedia content, fast Internet access and easy connection to social networks.