Razer Abyssus - simple gamer mouse with an infinite capacity

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well-known manufacturer of gaming peripheral company Razer has released to market a new gamer mouse called Abyssus. This device is successfully combined a simple and elegant design and modern filling. Wired Razer Abyssus equally useful for control of both right and left hand, and its "skin" black is decorated with glowing corporate logo.

Gamer mouse Razer Abyssus equipped with three independently programmable buttons, as well as proprietary infrared sensor Precision 3.5G, whose sensitivity can be up to 3500 dots per inch. However, the sensor can click "on the fly and switch to a lower sensitivity in 450 or 1800 dpi depending on the task at hand. Index of the frequency in this survey ranged from 125 to 1000 hertz, and the response time is 1 ms.

In addition, gamer mouse, Razer Abyssus has a scroll wheel with 24 positions pressing, as well as special legs Ultraslick Teflon, allowing "rodents" easily and quietly glide over the surface of the table. Connected to the computer mouse with cord length of 2.13 meters without any drivers, and its dimensions are 115 x 63 x 40 mm. Mouse Razer Abyssus already available for order from at 50 dollars or 40 euros, while its worldwide sales will begin in late December.