TPQ-1200 - the first power supply from Antec with a power of 1200 watts

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Company Antec, known for its quality as a manufacturer of enclosures and other computer components, today announced the completion of its series of high-performance power supplies TruePower Quattro. The new model TPQ-1200, as the name implies, has a power of 1200 watts, and modular cable connections. Note that this is the first 1200-watt power supply, submitted by Antec.

New Power Supply TPQ-1200 supports innovative technology PowerCache, increase the stability of work and uses for that special high-capacity capacitor. In addition, there is a function of cable management Advanced Hybrid Cable Management, and high efficiency TPQ-1200 is certified 80Plus Silver. Efficiency of this device exceeds 85 percent.

Power Supply Antec TPQ-1200 is fully compatible with all modern quad-core processors Core i7 and Core i5 and able to work in energy-intensive modes multigraficheskih NVIDIA Quad SLI and ATI CrossFire. He has six tires 12V, each of which provides an amperage of 38 amps. PSU is responsible for cooling PWM fan diameter of 80 mm, which, as stated, is able to work up to 50 percent quieter than their standard counterparts. Antec TPQ-1200 is equipped with three-year warranty and is available for a suggested price of $ 300.