Universal Headphones Ritmix RH-507 is already in Russia

Monday, November 23, 2009

Company Ritmix submitted to Russia's market its new model RH-507 headphones. This closed-end headphones with a wide frequency range from 10 Hz to the monitor and a mini-overhead-cushioned ear pads. As the producer, RH-507 - universal headphones, which can be used as an audio player, and a computer or home stereo.

The main advantages of Ritmix RH-507 - a bass, powerful sound and light construction. From the technical specifications should provide a wide frequency range (10-20000 Hz) and high sensitivity (107 dB). Structural feature of this model - the rotating cup emitters and adjustable headband for a comfortable wearing headphones. Headphones Ritmix RH-507 are made in two colors - black and silver. They are available for purchase today, recommended retail price - 395 rubles.