Version Radeon HD 5970 from HIS card comes with iClear, reduces digital noise

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hong Kong company HIS Digital, as well as some other partners AMD, presented the modification of the ATI Radeon HD 5970. This dual-chip accelerator, we recall, was announced yesterday and is the most powerful consumer-class graphics solution today.

In the version of HIS Radeon HD 5970 video card has a reference design and stock frequencies, but its components manufacturing company has incorporated its proprietary solution - a special card iClear, reduces the level of "digital noise". This card is inserted into the PCIe x1 slot, and for assurances of HIS, allows a 10 percent lower level of spurious noise and interference encountered in the work of sound and graphics cards, which improves, for example, the perception of movies and video games.

As a separate product iClear card is around 80 dollars, and its inclusion in the kit to the flagship graphics card looks quite reasonable. Other characteristics of the same adapter HIS Radeon HD 5970, as already mentioned, almost no different from the reference. The accelerator is equipped with two 40 nm chips Cypress, 3200 stream processors and 2 GB of memory GDDR5, and its clock speeds are 725 MHz and 4000 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively.

In addition, there is support for technology Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0), OpenCL, ATI Stream and ATI Eyefinity, as well as the regime CrossFireX. Graphics Card HIS Radeon HD 5970 is already on sale in the UK online store, where she asked for 573.86 pounds sterling.