XFX GT graphics card is 240

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The company introduced the XFX graphics card XFX NVIDIA GeForce GT 240. According to the manufacturer, they will add any significant computer power supply, and will complement its clamp modern technology. You can choose from two models: with 512 MB of memory DDR5 and 1 GB of DDR3. Both versions are equipped with 96 stream processors to support NVIDIA CUDA - they accelerate the application of the software runs up to 50% faster than previous generation graphics cards.

Technology to support NVIDIA PhysX technology game Batman: Arkham Asylum and Darkest of Days worked twice as fast as some other games, for example, Borderlands accelerated to 40%. If you install another video card NVIDIA, GeForce GT 240 will operate as an accelerator PhysX, providing up to 50% performance boost.

NVIDIA unified architecture improves performance games to two times compared with previous generations of video cards. 16 Anti-aliasing removes jagged edges, but subsystem NVIDIA Lumenex provides image quality and accuracy of calculations, while maintaining a high frame rate. YouTube regulars will be able to easily watch Full HD-video through the acceleration of the Adobe Flash 10.1. NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology precisely scales the image, while maintaining clarity. Now the usual movies and videos can be transferred to HD-resolution.

Technology NVIDIA 3D Vision allows to use in stereoscopic 3D on the desktop. In addition, in the arsenal GeForce GT 240 has the support of Microsoft Windows 7, DirectCompute, Open CL, OpenGL 3.2, and PC Express 2.0. Connector Dual-link DVI supports display up to 2560x1600 and is compatible with HDCP