5 iPhones sold only in Chinese online store in Two weeks

Friday, December 4, 2009

Communicator iPhone in China set a record. However, for successful sales, he has nothing to do, rather - on the contrary. Chinese operator China Unicom has managed to sell only 5 (five) models of iPhone for two weeks through the online store Taobao. This is a major local Internet auction, analog eBay. His owners use it to find only two iPhone with 8 GB of internal memory and three - with 16 GB of memory.

The operator China Unicom is the only formal offer iPhone in China. They differ from conventional vehicles, common throughout the world, lies in the fact that they do not have Wi-Fi. In addition, the official Chinese iPhone is very expensive: 32 GB iPhone 3GS is 6999 yuan, about $ 1024, while in neighboring Hong Kong, the communicator is only $ 800. Within a few days after the start of sales operator China Unicom has sold only 5000 iPhone. For comparison, the South Korean operator KT has received over 60,000 orders for the device before its release. However, China Unicom expects to sell 10% of iPhone users who use the bond 3G.