ABBYY Tutor 2.0 will teach English language on your mobile phone

Monday, December 28, 2009

ABBYY is presented ABBYY Tutor 2.0 - tutorial for rapid memorization of words of English, designed for mobile devices on the platform of Windows Mobile. The first version of the program was included in the electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo x3 Mobile version, but now augmented and improved version of ABBYY Tutor comes as a standalone product.

Manufacturer believes that with ABBYY Tutor 2.0 learn foreign words easily and conveniently: the phone is always at hand, and even if there are only a couple of free minutes - in transport, in line or during a lunch break - they can spend on improving the English language. The program will be useful both to people in-depth language learners and beginners, as well as those who need to quickly learn the words on a topic.

ABBYY Tutor 2.0 includes learning vocabulary total volume of 5000 vocabulary words, in which entries are divided by frequency of use, as well as thematic dictionaries on "Travel", "Work", "Restaurant", "Shopping", "Weather". Dictionary database is created on the basis of a sample of the best dictionaries included in the ABBYY Lingvo x3. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to create their own dictionaries and add them the necessary words of ABBYY Lingvo x3, or from any other source.

The study is based ABBYY Tutor 2.0 on four exercises for memorizing words and repetition. To determine the level of the user's knowledge, when we first met the program will offer him to be tested. In the future the program will issue to memorize only the words that correspond to this level - no longer need to start learning from scratch. " Check how expanded vocabulary with the help of ABBYY Tutor 2.0, at any time learning by using the exam. If any word incorrectly translated by the user, it will again appear in the main lesson.

ABBYY Tutor 2.0 will be released in two versions:

  • C Boxed version of indefinite duration or with a 1-year (Recommended price - 490 rubles and 230, respectively), the beginning of sales is planned for February 2010.
  • Download-version of indefinite duration or with a 1-year (Recommended price - 390 rubles and 210, respectively). Download-version ABBYY Tutor 2.0 for sale from 24 December in the shops, including the online store at ABBYY.