Android 2.1 New version - December 11

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the network appeared rumors that Google is preparing to update its Android operating system to version 2.1. Quite possibly, it will be released very soon - in about a month after the release of Android 2.0. The first information about the Android 2.1 appeared about a month ago. This is not such a major upgrade, which is the Android 2.0, but it has a number of innovations and improvements. In particular, it will be somewhat revised concept Android Market, and users will receive a bill directly from your carrier, and not only to use for payment system Google Checkout. In addition, you will see desktop client for the Android Market.

Google has already sent software developers to a new agreement concerning the publication of applications in the Android Market. They need to confirm the introduction of new rules within 30 days, otherwise the application will be removed from the directory. These regulations will come into effect on December 11, it is assumed that the same number will be released and a new version of Android 2.1.