Apple Expanding iWork In The Cloud

Monday, December 28, 2009

The idea of translation software on the web-based framework is becoming increasingly popular with major manufacturers. For example, Microsoft is going to make its new software package, Office 2010 is much more oriented to work in the network, and Internet giant Google recently announced its "cloudy" operating system Chrome OS.

Given all this, there will be nothing surprising in the fact that Apple may provide a "cloudy" version of any software product, for example, office suite, iWork. Moreover, an obvious allusion to such developments is contained in regular vacancies, published by Apple. Of these, it is clear that the unit iWork invites to work the developers, whose task is to create scalable web applications with rich functionality.

Recall iWork suite of applications already have a web site that allows users to upload documents to it and comment on them. However, this service does not allow to make any editorial changes in the posted documents. Journalists TechCrunch pointed out that Apple is seeking developers to help it create a completely new product in the family of iWork, which is likely to be more focused on the work of the World Wide Web.

At the same time, the fact of publication of this job means that Apple is a relatively early stage of development of a "cloud" iWork. Experts note that the establishment of such a product would "fruit" of the company is better positioned to compete with Microsoft and Google. The latter, incidentally, has already introduced its free online office Google Docs, which includes word processor and spreadsheet, as well as service to create presentations.