Apple offers 3.33GHz Mac Pro, Xserve with 48GB RAM

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Apple has quietly updated its line of powerful Mac Pro computers and servers, Xserve, supplemented by several new solutions. For example, single-processor model Mac Pro has the option in the form of 4-core Intel Xeon processors with a clock speed of 3.33 GHz. Thus, the Mac Pro now has a CPU with higher clock frequency than the variant with eight processor cores, where the frequency of both chips is limited to 2.93 GHz.

As for the server Xserve, it now can be equipped with modules of RAM to 4 GB total RAM and 24 GB in a single-processor version and up to 48 GB - a two-chip version. In addition, Mac Pro and Xserve can now be equipped with a capacity of 2 terabytes of hard drives. The maximum total amount of disk space on a server with three landing sites is 6 TB, and the Mac Pro a similar rate up to 8 terabytes.

As for the price issue, the choice of Intel Xeon processor with a clock speed of 3.33 GHz, add $ 1,200 to the cost of Mac Pro. At the same time, additional RAM in the Xserve will cost $ 2850 and $ 5850 for the version with 24 GB and 48 GB respectively. Furthermore, the addition of each hard drive capacity of 2 TB of cost to the customer at $ 550. It remains to add that all these options are already available for order at Apple Store.