Apple Tablet computer would cost amazingly cheap

Thursday, December 3, 2009

There were fresh details about the Tablet PC Apple, rumors of which is not the first month of circulation in the IT community. In the latest issue of the leading show Diggnation, Alex Albrecht (Alex Albrecht) in response to persistent requests from the notorious Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose) said that planshetnik Apple will cost you less than anyone could expect.

According to Alex Albrechta, he was shocked when he heard how low can the price of the device. However, it was not clear, seriously or jokingly told a journalist. Sam Kevin Rose, who is the founder of the popular show Diggnation, produced by Revision3, known as a big fan of talk about future updates to Apple. Although his prognosis is not always true in the past year, for instance, he published an accurate pictures of the new player iPod nano, as well as information on software media player, iTunes 8 features kopipasta in iPhone 3.0.

According to earlier rumors, Tablet PC, Apple may appear in the first quarter of 2010 or later. He can get 10-inch touch screen with multi-touch functionality, running OS X iPhone, and among its target audience will be fans of the alleged e-books.


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