ASUS announces official support for Intel's hexa-core Gulftown processor

Saturday, December 12, 2009

For the enthusiast community outgoing year has every reason to be successful due to the appearance on the market many innovative solutions. As an example graphic card that supports DirectX 11 technology, and new super-fast SSD drives, in addition, fell significantly speed memory DDR3. However, enthusiasts have looked to the day tomorrow, where they meet a new 6-core processor Intel Gulftown.

Interest in this CPU is quite understandable. It is the first Gulftown shestiyadernikom Intel, focused not on the server system, and the consumer market. This chip is fabricated on 32 nm process technology standards and is equipped with 12 MB cache in the third level, as well as support functions HyperThreading, which allows him to operate with 12 computing threads.

Release chip Gulftown be held in the near future, perhaps, Intel will demonstrate its design at CES 2010, which will be held in early January in the U.S. Las Vegas. Although in itself a chip Gulftown not require any special changes in the motherboards, because it works with the existing X58 chipset and socket LGA 1366, the company ASUSTeK Computer officially deemed it necessary to announce support for this processor with its products.

Below is a list of ASUS motherboards to the declared support of the processor Intel Gulftown, as well as the minimum version of BIOS, needed to work with this powerful shestiyadernikom:

* Model P6X58D Premium, version BIOS - 0222
* Model P6TD Deluxe, version BIOS - 0209
* Model P6T Deluxe V2, version BIOS - 0704
* Model P6T Deluxe, version BIOS - 1804
* Model P6T SE, version BIOS - 0608
* Model P6T, version BIOS - 0904
* Model Rampage II Extreme, version BIOS - 1639
* Model Rampage II GENE, version BIOS - 1033