Budget housing Norma-TS NTS E-502 Mini-ITX format

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Company Norma-TS ( «Norma-terminal solutions") introduced a new Mini-ITX case NTS E-502. It complements a line of budget-making, focused on the use in offices and public institutions. Implemented, the now classic format for this scheme, it is the best solution for creating thin clients and affordable compact PC.

Sufficiently spacious and equipped with elaborate ventilation system, this case allows you to set it to almost any card format Mini-ITX. Internal power supply 200 watts is able to provide the most powerful job in the compact set of solutions of processors.

Dimensions steel hull - 65h310h240 mm, maximum size of the installed boards 170h190 mm, it is possible to install 3.5-inch HDDs (x 1) and thin optical drives (Slim ODD), the fan has a size of 40 mm.