Canon patents SLR with touchscreen

Friday, December 4, 2009

Future of Canon may be among the first such devices with touch screens. This conclusion may be reached by reading the details of the patent application of the Japanese company, dedicated to the topic. It describes the camera with interchangeable lens and optical viewfinder, equipped with a large touch screen, located on the site of the traditional screen preview.

This touch screen is equipped with a special system which excludes casual data entry. It is obvious that such a screen can be moved most of the camera controls are now located throughout the body and greatly confuse the novice photographers. Screen itself and the increase in size that will work with the camera much easier.

For example, the user can just a few touches to set the appropriate values, shutter speed and aperture, and also choose one of the modes and the appropriate level of sensitivity ISO. Furthermore, additional features come off and watching stock photography.

Some strange, though, why the idea of using the touch screen in the SLR cameras was born just now. Indeed, many manufacturers have already successfully using sensor technology in its compact cameras, and Canon is not very long ago, released their first camera with touch screen - Digital IXUS 200 IS.