A-DATA CF633X - high-speed flash card for professional DSLRs

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology has released a new flash memory Compact Flash A-DATA CF633X. As promised manufacturer, it is fast enough to match the power of professional digital SLR cameras. New A-DATA CF633X turboMLC uses technology and provides productivity costs SLC MLC.

A-DATA CF633X equipped with auto-error checking ECC, through which consumes less power and extends the possibilities of digital SLR cameras. The product is available capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB. A-DATA CF633X - is an ideal device for users who store a lot of high-resolution images and video files of high definition.

Low power consumption and compliance with the directive on the content of hazardous substances RoHS increase the life expectancy of maps, using Utilizing Interleaves Technology. Thus, "bad" blocks on the map of pre-marked and closed to the introduction of information, preventing its loss. Supporting UDMA 6, new flash card A-DATA CF633X supports quad access, and operates at speeds up to 93 MB / sec in read mode and up to 92 MB / sec in write mode.