Dell adds cheaper Latitude On Flash module to some laptops

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dell today began offering a memory module Latitude On Flash as an option for some of its laptops. This module loads the computer for a few seconds and allows almost instantaneous access to basic functions of a laptop. For example, users can surf the, view images, or check their e-mail, as well as make IP calls through Skype.

Latitude On Flash module is inserted into the inner slot, Mini Card and uses the resources of the main x86 processor notebook, not a single OMAP ARM chip from Texas Instruments, as does the current system of fast downloads. It is reported that the module Latitude On Flash available as an option for a series of notebook Latitude E, which can also be equipped with Latitude On ARM-based processor.

However, users should remember that the use to implement the functions of the fast loading resources within the core x86 processor takes more energy than when using ARM chip. And this, in turn, negatively affects the battery life laptop. Dell offers a module of the instantaneous load Latitude On Flash as an option to notebook Latitude E4200, E4300 and Latitude Z.