Device for reading electronic books Treelogic E-BOOK Q6

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The company introduced Treelogic Treelogic E-BOOK Q6 - a device for reading electronic books. The model is equipped with a 6-inch screen technology-based E-Ink Vizplex last generation, supports a large number of text and image formats, different long operating time, stylish design and thin body.

Among the supported formats e-books - TXT, PDF, EPUB, RTF, TCR, PDB, PRC, MOBI, OPF, OEB, HTM, HTML, CHM, FB2, DJVU, IW44, IW4, DJV. All controls are located in such a way that readers feel comfortable reading, securely hold the device in their hands: under the fingers of his left hand page turning buttons are located, while under the fingers of his right hand - control keys and configure the device. Special velvety coating the back of the reader prevents accidental slipping from his hands.

Screen capable of displaying text and images using 16 shades of gray color with a resolution of 800x600 pixels. With display, built on the technology of E-Ink latest generation model Treelogic E-BOOK Q6 can significantly reduce power consumption, which will display the information with greater contrast, whiteness, and the rate of drawing the image, providing a comfortable reading. In addition to energy-efficient display, equipped with new high-capacity battery, allowing browse over 10 000 pages on a single charge. Charge the battery device can be both from a home electrical outlet, or via USB 2.0.

The device is built based on Samsung ARM 9 CPU Core, running at 400 MHz, equipped with 64 MB of memory for system usage and running the operating system Linux 2.6. For storage of books, music and photos provided SD memory card capacity of 2 GB, which runs in the kit.

E-book Treelogic E-BOOK Q6 is compact (178 x 128,4 x 9,9 mm) and weighs only 228 grams. It will also listen to music or audiobooks, because it has a built-in MP3-player. Other supplied false headphones. In addition, the standard kit includes a convenient carrying case of artificial or natural leather (your choice) with a velvety inner surface, USB-cable, SD-card (2-16 GB) and charger. Model Treelogic E-BOOK Q6 is available in two colors: the choice of available graphite black or pearl-white housing design options. The device goes on sale in Russia in the second half of December 2009.


Mio Navman Spirit V505 said...

Hi when I came across this post I thought what's so innovative in it?? But after reading your post I got the actual features it offers and I think it's mind blowing.