Electronic Book Ambiance Technologies Digibook ADB-106

Sunday, December 6, 2009

To exit the market is preparing yet another device for reading electronic books - Digibook ADB-106 from the company Ambiance Technologies. Digibook ADB-106 has a 6-inch display with a resolution of 600x800 pixels produced by the technology of electronic paper, one side of the display is column of control buttons. The device operates on a processor Samsung Arm 9 and the operating system Linux 2.6, he has 64 MB of RAM. Connectivity to e-books include a USB 2.0 port and card slot for SD memory and MMC.

However, there is still something that makes getting attention - the wireless icon on the display. If not for this icon, then Digibook ADB-106 does not stand out because of the mass of e-books on the market. However, it is not clear, there is Wi-Fi or other wireless standard, or not. Official information on this subject Ambiance has not yet provided.

The device supports image formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF and PNG, as well as quite an impressive list of text formats: TXT, PDF, EPUB, RTF, TCR, PDB, PRC, MOBI, OPF, OEB, HTM, HTML, CHM, FB2 , DJVU, IW44, IW4 and DJV, as well as audio format hours rechargeable lithium-ion battery capacity of 900 mAh enough to read up to 7000 pages. Dimensions ADB-106 is 178 x 128,4 x 9,9 mm. Weight -228 grams. In the kit supplied stereo headphones. Make a reservation at Digibook ADB-106 can now. The cost of the device is 229.99 pounds ($ 383).