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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Epson has announced two new Full HD projector Epson EH-TW2900 and EH-TW3500. As the producer, these models are designed for anyone who wants to equip your home theater equipment high-level and at the same time takes care of the budget. Epson EH-TW2900 and EH-TW3500 is compact, have a modern design and can project a very bright image with a short distance even in daylight.

Epson EH-TW2900 and EH-TW3500 is based on 3LCD-panels of the latest generation D7 and are indicators of 18000:1 and 36000:1 contrast ratio, respectively, thereby providing high-level image.

The new projectors are well placed connections, including 2 HDMI inputs, so you can easily display HD-quality images ranging in size from 60 to 300 inches diagonally with advanced Blu-ray and DVD players, game consoles and consoles, digital cameras and laptops. Epson EH-TW2900 / EH-TW3500 are guaranteed for 2 years, the projector lamp is provided with 6-month guarantee. Projectors Epson EH-TW2900 / EH-TW3500 is available on the market of Russia in the winter 2009/2010, the recommended prices are 80,000 and 100,000 rubles respectively.

Epson EH-TW2900 / EH-TW3500 Features:

* Support for HD format with high resolution 1920x1080 pixels
* Epson 3LCD technology with panels D7
Contrast 000:1 * 36 (for the Epson EH-TW2800 - 18 000:1)
* Brightness (brightness and color) 1800 lumens (for the Epson EH-TW2800 - 1600 lumens)
* Wide range of connectivity options for DVD / Blu-ray-players, digital TB-tuner, satellite equipment, game consoles, computers and digital cameras, 2 x HDMI 1.3 (Video processing - 1080p)
* Easy and flexible installation due to a shift lens, a wide range of projection distances and zoom x2.1
* The level of fan noise - only 22 dB


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