Gboard - Mini-keyboard for Gmail

Sunday, December 6, 2009

In the market for gadgets, a new device for users of the service Gmail - specialized mini-keyboard Gboard. Curiously, the keyboard was not released by Google, a film producer Charlie Mason (Charlie Mason).

Gboard consists of 19 keys of standard size, they are actually shortcuts to the functions of service Gmail, including letters marked with an asterisk, the beginning of search and the transition between the branches of messages. Outside service Gmail keyboard acts as normal and will dial the letters or numbers corresponding to these shortcuts. The device connects to the USB, before its application to activate the use of shortcuts in the settings of Gmail.

Given the fact that in total there are 69 shortcuts Gmail, Gboard may be only a first step towards establishing a full-size version of the keyboard. At the same time, the emergence Gboard on sale in December, and low cost can be a good addition to Gmail and a great gift. Gboard price is $ 19.99.


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