Google launches public DNS Service - Google Public DNS

Friday, December 4, 2009

When we type in the address bar of any Internet browser request, we will automatically include the so-called Domain Name System (Domain Name System, DNS). This system allows you to convert our applications to the unique IP addresses that are unknown and resources. For example, typing the address, we will activate a request to the IP address This converter IP addresses allows us to operate with easy to remember website addresses, rather than impersonal sets of numbers.

Google has ventured to offer an alternative to the traditional DNS service, which is often automatically included in the ISP user, and launched its own converter DNS queries called Google Public DNS. As their name suggests, this service is public, and therefore does not depend on specific companies providers. Moreover, through the use of innovative technologies for alternative converter IP addresses from Google promises its users a faster, safer and more secure web surfing.

If you are interested in new service Google Public DNS and want to try it in action, you need to go to the page Google Code Blog. They posted detailed instructions on how to install and set up the converter IP addresses on your computer and router. Generally, nothing complicated about this - enough to register the network connection settings Google Public DNS instead allocated to your Internet service provider. That is, replace the currently used addresses primary and secondary DNS server to and respectively.


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