Google still will release its own smartphone - Nexus One on Android 2.1

Sunday, December 13, 2009

For quite a long time on the network circling rumors that Google is preparing to release its own smartphone operating system Android. These rumors were refuted that representatives of Google, then find a new confirmation. And now the Internet giant in his blog, finally confessed that he really is going to submit his version of "guglofona.

According to various sources, a new smartphone called Nexus One and is intended (at least in the initial test phase) for employees of Google across the world. This will tell you that this "guglofon will be free from binding to the operators subsidize mobile devices in exchange for long-term subscriptions to their services, while its online sales start in early 2010. In addition, for the production of Google Nexus One responsible company HTC, which gives reason to believe that this device will be a modified version of the HTC Passion or HD2.

Unfortunately, the cost of Google Nexus One still remains unknown. However, reports that this smartphone will be running the new version of the operating system Android 2.1. It is assumed that as the hardware platform of "true guglofona" will be used chipset Snapdragon, and the touch screen will be made on OLED technology. In addition, the display will get 3.5-inch diagonal high resolution.

Among other things, experts believe that Google Nexus One no physical keyboard, which means that all management functions in it can be concentrated on the touch screen. Corps "guglofona" may be thinner than the communicator's iPhone, in addition, according to rumors, in this device has two microphones - at the front and rear.

According to journalists Techcrunch, the second microphone can be used to implement noise reduction that would eliminate the so-called background noise, interfering with the conversation. It is also the presence of Google Nexus One of sufficient quality for a phone camera and functions transform speech into text messages. The latter option allows the user to dictate their emails and notes directly, rather than impose them through the on-screen keyboard.