HD 5750 IceQ + - the first non-reference card from HIS based on the Radeon HD 5000

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Like other partners AMD, HIS has developed its own version of video-based solutions in a series Radeon HD 5000. The first such product from this manufacturer, is likely to become adapter HIS HD 5750 IceQ +, performed on the model of Radeon HD 5750 and equipped with a 40 mm chip, Juniper.

Graphics Card HIS HD 5750 IceQ + uses the PCB is blue and has 720 stream processors, 128-bit bus and GDDR5 memory technology to support DirectX 11 and mode CrossFireX. The interface system includes a single port DVI (and not two, as in the reference model), as well as the HDMI and DisplayPort. Clock speeds are 700 and 4600 MHz for the GPU and memory respectively.

In addition, the accelerator HIS HD 5750 IceQ + is equipped with a non-reference dual-slot cooler with a violet lighting, reminiscent of the cooling system Vortexx Neo from Akasa. This cooler is supposed to work quietly and efficiently drainage decisions. The kit includes an application to map Bumptop 3D, implements a virtual 3D interface on a computer screen, as well as a coupon entitling to purchase a video game Dirt 2. Estimated cost HIS HD 5750 IceQ + is about 160 euros.