InnoDisk represents SSD capacity up to 2 TB for PCIe

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Taiwanese company InnoDisk, known as a developer and manufacturer of flash drives for industrial and embedded systems, provide high-speed SSD Interface PCI-Express. With this data exchange rate with the new solid state drive called Matador reaches 800 MB / s, and its capacity in various versions reaches up to 2 terabytes.

The new SSD drive from Matador InnoDisk shows a maximum speed of read and write data at 800 and 600 Mb / s, respectively, whereas the majority of the existing solid-state drive speed information exchange reaches only up to 230 Mbps.

Note that the maximum capacity of this device is fully comparable with the best examples of standard hard drives that are present on the market. Thus, new development InnoDisk ideally suited for high-performance solutions, including enterprise-class server systems, gaming machines and devices for military use. The date of sales and cost of high-speed SSD drives Matador not reported.


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