Intel X25-V SSD to get to 80GB

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Intel plans to double the maximum capacity of its budget SSD drives X25-V in 2010. These low-cost solid-state drives have been presented quite recently, and next year the manufacturer intends to increase its maximum capacity of up to 80 GB.

It is reported that the implementation of such ambitious plans, Intel plans to move to a "thin" 2x-nm manufacturing process, so it will be possible to place more NAND flash memory in the same amount of disk. In addition, Intel is going to continue to improve storage in a series of X-25 M and X25 E, respectively, intended for the mass market and computer enthusiasts.

For example, the capacity of SSD in a series of X-25 M is projected to reach 600 GB, which is quite comparable with the volume of modern hard disks. But it is unlikely the new Intel SSD drives will be able to displace the usual hard disk drives (even greater performance), because their cost is several times higher than the prices of similar capacity hard drives.