iPhone fourth-generation will have 5-megapixel camera, a 7-inch Apple tablet will be in January

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rumors around Apple's devices are multiplying constantly. In contrast to the official information. While the very fact of developing the next generation iPhone became known only when several prototypes have been stolen, the information that it will be for the device are already available. At this time information on the future shape of iPhone are coming from DigiTimes. According to this resource, manufacturers of photographic modules are not only expected to increase the number of orders (assuming that in 2010 Apple will deliver to the market order of 4.045 billion mobile devices), but also preparing for the production of new models. Thus, the company OmniVision, has already received pre-order the 5-megapixel matrix.

On the other hand, resource Boy Genius Report, Financial Times confirms the information that will be announced in January a new model of Apple. According to the source in the company, in January 2010 will be a preview 7-inch tablet. In this case, according to recent rumors, the basic model of the tablet was considered a 10-inch version, however, Boy Genius Report claims that the existence of a model with 7-inch screen is close to 100%, while the 10-inch versions of their source did not knows.