LEXAND Si-365 and Si-511 - New Year Collection automotive GPS navigators

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Laboratory Leksand announced the immediate availability of two new models of automotive GPS navigators: LEXAND Si-365 with a screen 3.5 inches and LEXAND Si-511 with a diagonal of 4.3 inches.

Both devices are made based on the chipset SiRF Atlas IV processor at 500 MHz. Package multimedia features include video playback and music, view text. With pre-detailed map of Russia, you can use the navigation without additional activation. As the producer, new items to ease of operation, with them will be able to understand not only the advanced user, but also a man who had no prior experience with navigation.

Distinctive feature of all browsers LEXAND an ultra-slim and the screen "with no rim. New models were no exception: the thickness LEXAND Si-365 and LEXAND Si-511 is 13 mm. Housing navigators made using a practical slip cover Soft Touch and the silver lining of the screen, which makes the navigator is not only convenient, but also a stylish element of your car.

In the sale LEXAND Si-365 and LEXAND Si-511 has already received.