LG LH8600S - clamshell-reader with voice control

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Company LG Electronics unveiled in South Korea mobile phone LG LH8600S. This is a clamshell with a numeric keypad, looking quite ordinary, but the manufacturer is positioning it as a solution for reading books. Although far from the display device screens of electronic books, or at least tachfonov, it is not particularly large. However, an interesting feature in the design of the phone still is: a round external display, which is perfect for displaying the analog clock. The company said little about the characteristics of LG LH8600S. Refers only to the function Text to Speech (Text to Speech) and, conversely, speech recognition for voice control. Such functionality will be useful for users with poor eyesight.

Also at LG LH8600S support is available for GPS navigation and a function for sending SOS messages. Moreover, the message will be specified and the user's location. The company has not announced how much it will cost LG LH8600S. Not clear is whether this model will be outside the Korean market.