LG Prada 3 - for CDMA networks, and based on Android

Thursday, December 24, 2009

According to the resource Unthinkable, the company LG Electronics plans to release a third model for fashion brand Prada. New LG Prada 3, in contrast to the first two devices of the line, will operate on the basis of the operating system Android. Recall, LG Prada and Prada 2 were just mobile phones based on proprietary platforms. With regard to the form-factor innovations, we know that it will be touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.

Another interesting fact is that the LG Prada 3, for the first time this series, will be designed for CDMA cellular networks and the U.S. operator Sprint. On this basis, one can assume that the device will be relatively inexpensive when purchasing contract. Former Prada offered a high price, which, however it is not surprising for fashion models, and even under such well-known brand. It is reported that the LG Prada 3 will enter the market in the first quarter of next year and will probably debut at CES 2010. It is not clear whether this Android smartphone sold outside the United States in the GSM version.


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