LG produces 3D LCD Display with Full-HD resolution

Thursday, December 3, 2009

South Korean company LG Display has announced the release to the market 3D liquid crystal panel capable display three-dimensional image with Full-HD resolution. The new product is a 23-inch LCD panel, designed for use in 3D displays. At the same time to view the stereo images require special glasses.

New 3D LCD panel from LG Display uses a proprietary technology, including high-performance 3D controller, capable of handling more than twice as much video data as compared to other 3D display of high resolution. And the new Full-HD panel from LG Display is able to display and the usual two-dimensional image that allows the user to switch between 2D and 3D modes. Release of 3D LCD panel should accelerate the development of three-dimensional high-definition content, which over time will enjoy a multitude of realistic stereo.


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Laptop LCD Screen said...

South Korea always gets some of the most amazing technologies. I have heard about their superior cell phone technology, and also about the "Virtual Reality Theme Park" that is in the middle of construction right now. It is suppose to be the biggest implementation of holograms in the World. Nice Post, and I am glad to see we will be having 3D TV in the US too.

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