Microsoft launches anti-piracy programs in more than 70 countries

Friday, December 4, 2009

Microsoft has announced the launch of education initiatives and legal actions in more than 70 countries to protect consumers and raise awareness about the risks of counterfeit software. Over the past two years to Microsoft received over 150,000 calls from people who have purchased counterfeit products, virus or other malicious software. More than two-fold increase in such cases compared with previous periods indicates a growing concern for users of the harm caused by counterfeit software. Users affected by the use of pirated software are faced with viruses, loss of personal information, the risk of loss of identity and loss of time and money.

One of the fundamental research conducted by IDC in 2006 showed that one in four web site offering counterfeit software in the process of trying to download malicious code. The proportion of such sites increases, as shown by the German company Media Surveillance, specializing in anti-piracy solutions: to download a few hundreds of pirated copies of Windows and software cracking 32% contain malicious code. IDC report also showed that the counterfeit software, Microsoft, purchased from vendors in 17 countries, more than 50% contain extraneous code, malware, or even could not be established. And, released just two months ago, BSA report on piracy in the internet for October 2009 showed that countries with the highest levels of piracy have a high level of infection with malware.

Effects of malicious software can be manifested in different ways: from intrusive advertising messages to serious gaps in information security. In a recent study by Harrison Group found that companies using unlicensed or counterfeit software by 73% more likely to suffer loss or damage to critical data, and 73% higher chance of critical errors computers lasting 24 hours or more.

To counter the growing ingenuity of the computer fraudsters Microsoft strengthens its anti-piracy work on all three fronts: educational, technical and legal. Information from customers and partners, Microsoft is helping to combat the spread of pirated products. Details of the original products of Microsoft, licensing, and certificate of authenticity is available at