Microsoft will take into account the increased competition with Google and Apple in the development of Windows 8

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Microsoft has acknowledged that the development of Apple and Google are serious competitors in the battle for hearts and minds of existing and prospective users of Windows, and is going to take this into consideration when creating its future operating system, tentatively called Windows 8. Recall that in the current year "fruit" the company introduced a new version of its operating system Mac OS X called Snow Leopard, and Google announced a "cloudy" software platform Chrome OS.

Despite a rather successful start sales of its latest operating system Windows 7, Microsoft acknowledged that more and more users around the world are seeking alternatives to its platform. Naturally, this trend can not but worry the Redmond software giant, whose development they gradually lose their former popularity.

Especially noteworthy competition from Google, whose Android operating system and Chrome OS are obvious challenge to Microsoft, respectively, on the mobile and computer markets. As for Apple, Microsoft had to consider this company as a traditional rival in the market of operating systems. Among other things, there are several open source systems under a common brand of Linux, which, although not mentioned specifically in the future may also compete with Windows.

In connection with this, Microsoft plans to pay particular attention to aspects of the brand Windows, aimed at ordinary consumers (for example, Windows 7 and the service Windows Live). In addition, redmodskaya corporation intends to take into account all the latest trends in creating a new operating system Windows 8. Earlier it was reported that Microsoft has already gained expertise to work on future software platform and plans to focus on the development of Windows 8 in July 2010.