Mozilla will open the online store add-ons for Firefox in 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mozilla Company can open an online store add-ons for the browser Firefox. Told product manager Justin Scott (Justin Scott), is responsible for promoting the Mozilla add-ons (-ons) - small software applications, significantly extend the functionality of the browser.

Mozilla representative declined to specify any details about the new service, saying only that his execution may take place in 2010. In this case, Justin Scott did not explain how they are going to defend additions acquired in an online store, copy. However, he noted that the developers have not the slightest intention to use certain technology DRM.

Obviously, Mozilla wants to use the experience online store App Store, which has become very popular and profitable for a good profit as the company itself from Apple, and developers. Thus, Mozilla intends to attract more developers add-ons for the browser Firefox.

But how successful will this strategy, yet difficult to say. Note that the popularity of Firefox, winning about a quarter of the browser market, has brought in many respects it is written under it supplements. I want the users to pay money for something that used to be free - the big question.