MSI Home Media Player HD1000 - video station for 99 euros

Sunday, December 20, 2009

In the past few months, various manufacturers flooded the market of media players, most of them are lack of advanced features, but are sold at a fairly reasonable price. MSI has also entered the market of media players, introducing video-station MSI Home Media Player HD1000. HD 1000 can play video as 1080p, while most similar devices support 1080i or standard definition video.

The device has a network connector, USB port, card reader and can be connected to a TV or through the HDMI port or the composite / component connector, and the device is equipped with S / PDIF port. Controlled by video station with the remote control. HD1000 Dimensions are 154x116x28 mm, weight - 385 grams. MSI Home Media Player HD1000 has a rather elegant design that easily fits in almost any interior.

It seems that the price of MSI Home Media Player HD1000, which is 99 euros, slightly inflated, because such devices can be found and for 80 euros. And also it became known that the video station will be sold only in Germany so far, and perhaps even in some EU countries.