Netbooks Samsung based Intel Pineview - in January 2010

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Samsung Electronics Company reported Netbook World Summit in Paris that her netbooks on the basis of new generation processors Intel Pineview will be released in late January 2010. Pineview - is following the model of processors for netbook and nettop Intel Atom, they will be used in conjunction with the platform Pine Trail. It is expected that the use of processors Intel Pineview would make netbooks thinner, thanks to its compact dimensions of chips, and should increase battery life.

In addition, Samsung has promised to add to the possibilities of their new netbook special software that would allow access to the Internet within a few seconds. Apparently, these are additional operating system, such software is already using its products for several companies. The company also mentioned the Samsung plans to release a netbook with a touchscreen.