New model of corporate Scanner Fujitsu fi-6800

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Company PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited (formerly Fujitsu Europe Limited) presented a corporate scanner fi-6800 to mid-volume. As the producer, in this price category, this model is the Fujitsu brand productive scanner A3 size with a significant improvement in the level of automation, which in turn helps reduce production costs. With the new automatic functions daily scan with this device becomes even faster, easier and more energy efficient.

fi-6800 ckaniruet speeds up to 130 pages and 260 images per minute. It is universal in application, as well as processes the format from A8 to A3, as well as non-standard documents up to 3048 mm. The compact design of the scanner combines all the advantages of technology uninterrupted supply of paper, which guarantees the optimal scanning results.

Return time ultra-bright LED light source at rest in the working mode is not more than six seconds, and power consumption of the scanner does not exceed 4W in "sleep" mode (Sleep mode). Thus, power consumption is minimized. New technology of ultra-bright LED light source helps to reduce energy use, reducing the time "warming up" the scanner.

The fi-6800 can handle an array of mixed documents in assembly-line mode. It can handle sheets of paper weights from 20 g / m ² to 209 g / m ² with updated material rubber rollers, which helps in the capture, separation and transportation of each sheet from the pile of documents. In EMEA scanner fi-6800 is available from mid December 2009 for a suggested retail price of 15,995.00 euros (plus VAT).

Fujitsu fi-6130 Duplex Scanner (PA03540-B055)