New version of Microsoft Bing Maps-based Silverlight

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Microsoft unveiled an updated beta version of its mapping service Bing Maps, which is positioned as a competitor to the popular card Google (Google Maps). Unlike the previous version, use of technology AJAX, Bing Maps update service built on a proprietary platform, Silverlight.

Recall, Microsoft Silverlight is a browser plugin that allows you to run various applications that contain animation, vector graphics and video. This improvement has improved the appearance of Bing Maps and add to this service a few useful functions. For example, the function Streetside, allowing to generate three-dimensional panoramas of streets with a coverage of 360 degrees. In addition, to improve the function of Bird's Eye (bird's eye) and the navigation, realized the full integration with Photosynth, and the possibility of simultaneous searches and local search.

Another important improvement mapping service Microsoft Bing Maps has become the so-called gallery application (Application Gallery), empowering service. It remains to add that the new version of Bing Maps works only in browsers technology to support Silverlight, so to access the service must install this plugin.


Gixman said...

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