OLDI Computers 200 and OLDI Computers 220 - additions to the line nettop OLDI Computers

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ultra Computers OLDI Computers replenished with two new models - nettops OLDI Computers 200 and OLDI Computers 220. Model OLDI Computers 200 Series Office in its characteristics is a typical representative of his class. The processor, which built the new system - a traditional Intel Atom 230. Motherboard based on Intel i945GC. Hard Drive 160 GB and RAM 1024 MB. This model is suitable for equipping a small office or home computer entry level. OLDI Computers 200 - a complete system with low noise, power consumption and compact size.

OLDI Computers Office 220 series is compiled on the basis of an ultra-compact motherboard ZOTAC IONITX-BE in the form-factor mini-ITX and combines high-performance graphics processor NVIDIA ION and energy-efficient Intel Atom processor 230. It delivers smooth and vivid HD-video, as well as richer in the Web, with e-mail and productivity in a really small system.

Particularly noteworthy case, which collects new models nettop - a stylish, black body company JNC with dimensions of 250h190h60 mm. The cost of new products ranging from 6500 rubles to 9500 rubles, depending on the specific configuration.