Packard Bell: color e-reader and netbook-transformer in 2010

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Company Packard Bell announced its plans to release devices in the next year - a device for reading electronic books and convertible netbook. The first planned to launch in February 2010 11.6-inch netbook-transformer. This may be reworked version of Acer 1820PT, which would seem to move together with a special system of distribution of content such as movies, music, books and so on, adapted to the netbook.

A more interesting development is the decision to launch an electronic book with a screen that supports output color image. It is not known any other details, and can only assume what the manufacturer provides the display for e-reader. Company Samsung, Bridgestone, Plastic Logic and PVI are planning to start producing color displays in the next year, so Packard Bell will be a lot of options.