Players CDJ-400-K and mixer DJM-400-K - four series of exclusive models from Pioneer DJ

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The company announced exclusive Pioneer DJ CD players CDJ-400 and compact two-channel mixer DJM-400, which will be a limited edition. Device is made in a stylish black finish and equipped with effective controls with LED backlight color ultramarine. New items are vivid modification already proven equipment four series, which allows DJs to pick the color tool in accordance with individual preferences. Exclusive series models 400-K will be sold only in a set of two players CDJ-400-K, mixer DJM-400-K, and a special blue-black strap PRO-440FLT-B for the transportation of equipment.

Player CDJ-400 is equipped with a USB port, so in addition to music from audio CDs and MP3 files from CDs DJs can play files that are copied to portable media devices. Almost all the functions, which are controlled using the buttons and slider can send MIDI data stream to the USB output. When you connect the player to the computer, users can work with files on your PC and manage programs for the DJ and other applications, such as Pioneer DJS or system Serato Scratch LIVE - without the control disc (control disc). In addition, the player can be used as a standard MIDI controller to control other applications compatible with the MIDI interface.

In addition to the Digital Jog Break effects, JET, WAH and ROLL, available online CDJ, Pioneer player has three scratch-Jogi effect BUBBLE, TRANS and WAH in vinyl mode. Effect mimics the technique of scratching BUBBLE, TRANS is like a rhythmic transformation to the mixer crossfader, and WAH resembles the action pedal-wah (wah) on electric guitar.

Analog signal fed to the input of the DJM-400-K, digitized using a high-quality A / D converter operating at 96 kHz / 24 bit mode with the shortest chains of communication (communications circuits). When mixing the 32-bit digital signal processing, which ensures optimum sound quality without any distortion. The effects that automatically determine the tempo (BPM) and synchronized in accordance with the rhythm include the effects of Delay, Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Robot and Roll - all of which are processed in 24-bit mode that provides maximum sound quality . In addition, when you click on the button Beat Select Button mixer automatically configures effects in accordance with the tempo of music. Both channels feature three-band EQ with complete excision frequency ( 'kill'), with a range of equalizer from +9 dB to - ?, which provides a full range of options to control the sound and rich opportunities for creativity.


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