PSP-4000 Advert Was a “Mistake”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We have repeatedly reported about the rumors related to the alleged impending release of Sony Corporation of a new game console PSP-4000. Talk about this game console is rife, then reappeared. And now confirm this rumor came from some unexpected quarters - from the ad. In the latest issue of the British edition of MCV Magazine, writing about events in the gaming industry, was published ads Accessories for PSP-version of the video game Little Big Planet. Thus in the list of devices supported by these enhancements can be clearly seen the name PSP-4000.

Journalists online edition Negative Gamer hastened to contact the creators of the advertisement from the firm Accessories 4 Gamers, who stated that the appearance in the list of devices names PSP-4000 is a common mistake. However, the license manager Angela Jones (Angela Jones) is not confirmed, but denied the rumors about the ongoing work with Sony to create a new console PSP.

Recall, according to earlier rumors, games console PSP-4000 can get a slot mediadiski UMD, missing on the Sony PSP Go. Many gamers on such carriers are placed all the accumulated video games, and that is why they are in no hurry to acquire a new generation of portable game consoles.