Rudder Oklick W-4 - sport compact model

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brand Oklick introduced a new model racing wheel - Oklick W-4 mini. Compact gaming wheel Oklick W-4 Mini, designed for virtual racing, the sports-style. Oklick W-4 connects to a personal computer and is compatible with all types of games that support the steering. In the steering wheel has a function vibrootklika for various game situations (in games that support vibrootklika). The ergonomic design sports Oklick W-4, identical to the design helm of this racing car, makes the game more realistic.

Available digital and analog modes, through which management systems braking and acceleration can be performed both with analog pedals, and with the help of digital gearshift paddles. Digital joystick (D-pad) and 12 independent control buttons will abandon in games from the use of a standard computer keyboard and buttons to assign the required functions.

When connected to the steering computer (USB) is its automatic calibration. 5 suction cups and a bracket-limiter will lock wheel safely on the surface of the table. It is compatible with OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.