Samsung expands the series of monitors Topaz - with a TV tuner and without

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Samsung Electronics, has expanded a series of monitors Topaz, adding a model with large diagonals from 22 to 27 inches - P2470H, R2770H, P2470HD and P2770HD. Samsung unveiled two lines: with built-in TV tuner and without him. All models are made with the same body design made of the proprietary technology Touch of ?olor. Models with a TV tuner are 5 ms response time, and without it - 2ms. In fact, the monitors with a TV tuner - this is a first-class monitor, and a modern TV with a resolution fullHD.

Technology Touch of ?olor allows you to create beautiful body, the color of which varies depending on the angle of view from black to ruby. Touch keys on the bottom of the frame, come alive with ruby light, is to touch the body of the monitor. The feeling of lightness and airiness is further enhanced by a transparent monitor stand.

Due to the level of 50 000:1 dynamic contrast (in models with TV tuner) and 70 000:1 (in models without a TV tuner) and the high response time, the screen turns bright new monitors and saturated. Extensive connectivity options and the availability of HDMI ports allow to connect to the new monitors home theater, game consoles and many other sources. System Dolby Digital Plus / SRS TruSurround HD and built-in speakers (for models with a tuner), it delivers a realistic surround sound.

In a series of 70 and presented 70MFM monitors with diagonals of 22 to 27 inches. The new models will appear in retail sales in January 2010.