Sony Ericsson J10 - durable and eco-phone

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Czech resource iDNES talked about mobile phone Sony Ericsson, known as Susan. According to the source, this unit will enter the market, as Sony Ericsson J10. Moreover, this is the phone on the proprietary platform, Sony Ericsson, but not Android smartphone, as previously thought. Sony Ericsson J10 - a piece with a digital keyboard and a QVGA display, and it is equipped with 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi Wi-Fi adapter and GPS receiver.

In addition, Sony Ericsson J10 enclosed in a fortified building and supports the initiative GreenHeart. That is, is made from environmentally friendly materials and equipped with energy-efficient charger. It is assumed that Sony Ericsson J10 will be released early next year. The company is also preparing a similar model in a slider form factor. It is known under the code name Sunny, but the market will come under the symbol J20.