Sony is working on a SLR camera with 3D functionality

Saturday, December 19, 2009

It is known that 3D technology is increasingly part of our everyday lives. No one is not surprised by the appearance of a regular computer monitor, which allows using special glasses viewed three-dimensional image. One of the leaders of this trend is traditionally a corporation Sony, already incarnate world many wonderful innovations.

What is worth at least a huge 280-inch 3D display, developed and demonstrated by Sony last month. And now with the light hand of journalists LetsGoDigital, place on site which has got to him a marketing slide, we can assume that the Japanese company, among other things, developing a SLR with 3D functionality.

However, nothing particularly sensational in this formulation no. Recall, the company FujiFilm has released the world's first compact camera capable of shooting in three-dimensional mode. And the very movie camera Sony unveiled its own HFC Comfort-3D, similar to a professional camera HDC-F950, used in the filming the blockbuster "Avatar". And, unlike other similar developments in the Sony decision to take stereo images using a single lens.