The technology for charging electronics from the heat of the human body

Monday, December 28, 2009

Scientists from the center of the Belgian Interuniversity Microelectronics Center have created a technology that allows you to charge the battery from the heat of the human body. This system can be implemented in the form of tape, which is attached to the man's head, or a wristwatch. They can be quite stylish and virtually indistinguishable from the usual accessories. Thus, the warm human body will be collected and then converted into electrical energy. And the device will charge a special shirt, which also looks quite normal.

However, the heat emitted by the human body are sufficiently small, so the next goal - the creation of devices that this energy will be sufficient. That is what scientists now doing. Apparently, such a system will soon be able to charge a compact media player or mobile phone. And then the technology can be adapted for military industry - for charging the electronics field. It is not clear when the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center plans to launch commercial sales of its development.