teXet TN-705 - a powerful GPS navigator

Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the eve of New Year's sales will go to a new model of GPS navigator teXet TN-705. Navigator is made in an elegant, slim, flat pyatidyuymovym screen and ergonomic soft-touch coating the rear panel. New GPS-receiver SiRF 3i +, which is equipped with a model teXet TN-705, provides higher accuracy navigation. Due to the presence of 64 receiving channels, the gadget is able to monitor simultaneously for all visible satellites not only GPS, but the European system Galileo. Technology SIRF InstantFixII fast start and positioning based on a predictive algorithm Navigation allows faster and more accurately determine its position, even in case of bad reception conditions, dense buildings, complex terrain, thick clouds, rain and so on.

Improved performance of navigation software and multimedia applications is achieved, including through an expanded memory capacity of 128 MB and processor Sirf Atlas IV with clock frequency of 500 MHz. For the convenience of working with files, the model is equipped with 2 GB of internal memory and a USB 2.0 interface with data transfer rate 480 MB / sec.

TN-705 has a built-in Bluetooth-module that implements the function as a hands-free, and the transfer of information about traffic through GPRS connection via mobile phone. Built in TN-705 FM transmitters can broadcast voice prompts browser and music recording mediaprogryvatelya device on a car radio. Among the innovations - the light sensor. In automatic mode, backlight, depending on the lighting conditions in the car, navigator chooses the optimal settings backlight. Multimedia Player, easy to use interface for reading electronic books and games will not get bored. A built-in calculator, currency converter will help in solving operational business problems.

To charge and connect your device to a PC using mini-USB port. To connect a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Has a slot for reading memory cards microSD. The bundled TN-705 proposed to mount on the windshield, automotive and network storage, navigation license for the program and a package of maps of Russia (Navitel Navigator 3.2. Or CityGuide 3.3/3.5.) With free updates. The expected price of new items will be 7490 rubles, the scheduled date of receipt of the sale - the second half of December.


Blogger Indramayu said...
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Adabelle said...

This may be having a powerful GPS, but i am using Mio Navman S series and this is the best device for navigation with the feature of live traffic which is not supported by all the devices.
Mio Navman Spirit S500T